Eyes on the Road, Bub!


“Eyes On the Road, Bub” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr.

OR, for those of you with older cars, …

“Eyes On the Road, Bub! (b&w)” by iamtalkytina on Flickr.


3 thoughts on “Eyes on the Road, Bub!

  1. Hatchet Jack (@olHatchetJack)

    Why Talky Tina, those are wonderful. But ah I curious about the word “car?” Were you a meaning “cur” like them varmints what take what aint theirs?

    And I ain’t a followin ya. I just enjoying the conversations and the art. And we have played RoShamBo right?. I was playing for real, weren’t ya?

    Listen Talky, I have been thinkin about writing some words. So I gotta go. I really like these things you made here. Now if they had some glue I’d stick one of them on my mule. You know right on the rear of the animal so folks could read it whilst they was a wondering behind me.

    1. iamtalkytina Post author

      Hi again, Mr. Groom!

      This is my original blog that I started back earlier in the year when Mr. CogDog was talking to Mr. Alexander on ds106radio and my ears were burning and so I climbed out of the cardboard box and came back to life. Well, not really, I was always alive, but I think I must have been sleeping for a long time.

      Later, I got a domain of my own and have been doing all of my stuff on iamtalkytina.com — I should do something at WordPress so that this blog does not show up. But some of my things on ds106 link back to here, if you know what I mean. But I moved EVERYTHING to my domain of my for-real-own so it is all there, too.

      Well. Bye!


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